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Our Expertise

At Media Growth Partners, we dedicate our expertise and decades of experience in journalism, news operations, media tech, startups, finance and partnerships to making the business of local news not just sustainable, but a growth industry. By combining hands-on audience and revenue growth services with our innovative approach to impact measurement, MGP distinguishes itself from consultancies which only offer instructional or advisory services by taking news organizations through the "last mile" of implementation and walking with them over the long term. 

MGP works with small news organizations to accelerate the growth of their audience, revenue and overall social and economic impact strategies. We connect news organizations, in groups and individually, to the media tech and funder programs they need to grow through "last mile" strategic advisory services: access to financing, technology resources, recurring shared services, data benchmarking and analytics, and impact measurement for marketing and reporting of Social Return on Investment (SROI) alongside ROI to stakeholders.  We facilitate partnerships between funders of journalism and providers of quantitative data services and qualitative research to help them assess, project and report  the social and economic impact of their support over time.  

Advisory and Access: Our "AIM" process begins with strategic advisory services to group small news organizations into cohort models to optimize their strategies for audience and revenue growth. We work to
 provide these cohorts with access to sponsored "managed services" programs and connections to our network of technology companies that provide free, or subsidized, revenue technology and services at scale for the news industry. 

Implementation and Impact: We walk alongside news cohorts in the implementation of their growth strategy and the integration of impact measurement, including access to recurring services that ensure a minimal resource pull from the organizations and maximum impact on growth, within a continuous improvement process. We help them
 identify and implement #MGPImpact systems to measure the overall economic and social impact of their journalism using both quantitative and qualitative data.

Maintain and Measure: Following implementation of growth strategy, we facilitate access to benchmarking services for measurement of audience, revenue and impact growth. This benchmarking provides real-time data feedback to help news organizations plan, market, maintain and report growth. We project-manage the benchmarking relationship between publishers, data service providers and funders of journalism so investors in local journalism can assess the social and economic impact of their funding decisions over time.

Audience Growth for groups of small news organizations, based on real audience data and proven strategies. MGP audience strategies are optimized for revenue growth and for impact growth and measurement


Revenue Growth for groups of small news organizations, based on access to managed services that provide actionable strategies for acquisition, retention and pricing models for both  reader revenue and advertising. 


Impact Growth for small news organizations and their funders. The #MGPImpact process means real user data, and other data sources are seamlessly combined to measure the full social and economic impact of local journalism. 

Advisory + Access

Advisory Services for small news organizations are provided on a cohort basis, as part of our news industry association and funder partnerships.  

Access to resources is provided to cohorts, both via a "managed services" approach with our news industry association partners, and via our MGP Network of technology companies and service providers through subsidized or discounted services to the industry. 

Innovate + Implement

Implement Growth Strategy for cohorts of small news organizations participating in our advisory and "managed services" programs via news industry association partnerships. 

Innovate and develop diversified revenue strategies via academic and industry research, and our technology partnership MGP Network.

#MGPImpact data is built in to every stage of innovation and implementation.

Maintain + Measure

Maintain Growth Strategy by accessing the recurring "managed services" included in our programs. 

Facilitate continuous improvement by using our #MGPImpact process, enabling small news organizations to measure and maintain their growth in audience, revenue and impact and providing funders of journalism with quantitative and qualitative data to inform their investment decisions over time.  

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